A completely customised website for your business that won't break your cashflow

Minimum upfront costs with affordable monthly hosting fees

Website development

Here are just a few reasons why choosing INVIDIA

to develop your next website is an easy low risk choice...

All our staff are local in Australia, know what's important to local business owners and are always ready to talk to you at times that are convenient for you

Local Australian staff

Match your business personality. Choose from 500+ professionally designed base style templates, we then make your selection perfect for your business

Hundreds of templates to choose from
Free monthly website updates

Up to four free updates to your website are included every month. We don't just develop your new website, we keep on helping you to maintain it into the future

All our websites are HTTPS (SSL) secure. Your customers will love the fact that your business cares about security and customer data privacy

Secure HTTPS SSL websites
Responsve design, mobile device ready

All our websites are responsive and mobile ready. All our website are designed to be viewed on all popular computer web browsers, mobile and tablet devices

Search engine optimised SOE

All our websites are search engine optimised (SOE). We do the technical work to help your website appear on Google and other search results as best as possible

Integrates with Zoho CRM, online forms and online payments

Lots of optional extras available. We can integrate your website with a range of apps* for CRM, online forms, online payments and much more

*Apps and other integrations have there own costs and are not included in our plan prices

  See the Optional Extras section below for more information



We minimise the upfront costs to you by building most of our development costs into your ongoing monthly hosting fee, no more taking out a loan to pay for a website for your business!


$990 upfront +

$99.95 / month

1 page website

As many sections as you need on

one long web page - similar to

our own home page that you

are currently viewing

2 free updates per month

(extra updates $110/page)

Free domain registration or transfer

Includes web hosting and

POP3/IMAP mailboxes for email

See more information below


$1,490 upfront +

$129.95 / month

5 page website

Up to 5 pages with navigation menu to get around - perfect as a small brochure site to showcase your products and service - extra pages $150 each

3 free updates per month

(extra updates $110/page)

Free domain registration or transfer

Includes web hosting and

POP3/IMAP mailboxes for email

See more information below


$1,990 upfront +

$159.95 / month

10 page website

As your business grows, so does your website - this plan is perfect for an up and coming business that needs a little more - extra pages $150 each

4 free updates per month

(extra updates $110/page)

Free domain registration or transfer

Includes web hosting and

POP3/IMAP mailboxes for email

See more information below

All plans are provided under a minimum 24 month contract period. Unused monthly updates do not roll over into next month and expire at the end of each billing month. Free monthly updates are for content changes only and do not include extra new pages or changes in navigation or the website structure. Economy plan website may not exceed the equivalent of four standard A4 pages in length. Deluxe and Premium plan websites may not exceed the equivalent of three standard A4 pages in length per page. See our Terms & Conditions for full terms



We know how little time small business owners have and that's why we try and make the whole process of developing a website for you as easy as possible...

Place Order

Place your order using our online order form. Our form will capture your new account details, take your payment and allow us to kick off our engagement with you. You'll be able to tell us about your requirements and any optional extras during the initial design step

Initial Design

During this step we will work with you to select the base design template for your new website and build a working prototype with your preferred styling / branding, navigation and content placeholders. You'll be able to fully visualise your new website and see where your content will go when the site is finished

Content Placement

During this step you provide us with your own content (logo, text, images, etc) and we replace the initial placeholders with your actual content. If you don't have your own content then we have options that let us create or source all the needed content for you. We'll ask you more about this during the initial design step

Review Website

During this step you will review your new website and let us know of any final bits and pieces that need to be fixed - by this stage there should be no major changes to the navigation or page structures. This step is about making sure your content looks right within the layout agreed during the initial design and content placement steps

Finalise Website

During this step we finalise your new website with any final feedback you provided during the previous review step. We put on all the finishing touches and your new website is ready to go live on your approval

Publish Website

This is the last step. Once you've given us approval to publish your new website, we do a bunch of technical stuff to make sure your domain, website and email services all live and ready for the world to see


The timeframe for developing your new website will depend on how prepared you are to provide your content. On average it will take between 15 to 20 business days from the time you select your base design template to having a finalised website. If we are developing your content for you, then this can be as quick as 10 to 15 business days



All our websites come standard with cPanel POP3/IMAP email included, however if you have more advanced email and collaboration needs or need larger storage for your mailboxes, then we also offer an upgrade option to Microsoft Office 365

Compare the differences...


$0.00 / month

Included in your monthly hosting fee

Unlimited Mailboxes

Up to 5GB total email storage on Economy plan

Up to 10GB total email storage on Deluxe plan

Up to 25GB total email storage on Premium plan

Secure POP3 or IMAP Access

Secure Webmail Access

Aliases (Forwarders) and Catch-all Emails

Included in your monthly hosting fee



Essential $14.95 / mailbox / month

Premium $22.95 / mailbox / month

50 GB per Mailbox (Max 300 mailboxes)

Secure MAPI (Outlook), POP3 and IMAP Access

Secure Outlook Web App

Aliases and Shared/Group Mailboxes Available

Productivity and Collaboration Apps

(Including SharePoint, Teams, Flow and Forms, etc.)

Microsoft Office Online Apps

(Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote)

OneDrive with 1TB / user Cloud Storage

Desktop Microsoft Office Apps

Download and install latest Microsoft Office software for PC and Mac on up to 5 devices per user

(Available on Premium mailboxes only)

You must have an active web design hosting plan with INVIDIA to access these discounted Office 365 prices


All Office 365 plans are provided under a minimum 12 month contract per user account, paid monthly. Contract starts for each mailbox at the time of mailbox creation. Office 365 plan prices shown above are only available to customers when ordering as part of a website development plan. Discounted prices are not available to other INVIDIA hosting customers that are not on a current ongoing website design hosting plan

To view the current full list of apps and features included in each plan, please visit:




Take your business online and streamline more of your processes with a CRM, online forms, online store, online payments and much more

Through our global technology partnerships, INVIDIA is able to help you buy, setup, integrate and use a range of modern cloud services that will make your business more efficient and let you focus more on your customers and less on your back office processes

Here are a few example optional extras we can help you with...

Zoho One
Zoho CRM Integration

Take control of your customer information with a powerful CRM that can track all your customer interactions and give you a complete view of your customer across your entire business. INVIDIA can help you setup and tailor a CRM to meet your specific business needs

Customer Relationship Management

Zoho Online Forms

Integrate smart online forms into your website for customers and staff to use. Have the information entered into the forms emailed to you, saved online or integrated directly into your CRM. INVIDIA can setup and integrate all your internal and public online forms

Online Forms

Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Checkout

Take secure payments through your website with Checkout, or manage your ongoing recurring customer billing with the more powerful Subscriptions integrated with your CRM (optional). INVIDIA can set these up and integrate them into your back office process or just use them as standalone services

Subscriptions & Checkout

Customer Support Representative

Support your customers with a professional help desk that manages all customer enquiries and requests. Give your staff full visibility on who's helping who and allow customers to help themselves with a fully searchable knowledge base complete with your own information and support articles

Help Desk

art intro

Don't have all the content you want for your new website?

INVIDIA can help you develop all the text, image and video content you need for your new website. Discuss your needs with us in the initial design phase and we'll advise you on the best value for money options

Copyright (Content Creation)

These are just a small example of the type of services and business applications that INVIDIA can setup and integrate into your website. We have over 40 cloud based apps that we can setup to help improve your business practices and stand out from your competition

We will discuss with you during the initial design stage all your optional extra wishes and ideas. Your assigned account manager will then work with you to further explain the options, costs and what might be possible for your budget. All optional extras are costed separately and in addition to your website development costs and monthly hosting fees



Here are a few recent examples of the work we've done...


Contact us to discuss your needs further

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